Pop star Audrey Mika ‘hires’ parents as tour managers, as dad details the experience

Audrey Mika, the rising pop star who rose to fame on social media, has hired her parents as her tour managers. In a recent interview, Audrey’s father shared his experience of being on the road with his daughter and how it has been a unique and fulfilling experience for him.

Pop star Audrey Mika ‘hires’ parents as tour managers, as dad details the experience

A Family Affair: The Unconventional Move

Audrey Mika’s decision to hire her parents as tour managers is a refreshing break from the typical industry norm of hiring professional managers. While it may seem like an unconventional move, Audrey’s decision is grounded in her family values and the deep-rooted bond she shares with her parents. As she explained in an interview, “My family is my everything. They are my support system, and I couldn’t imagine going on tour without them by my side.”

A Fulfilling Experience

Audrey’s father, who works as a financial advisor, has taken a break from his regular job to accompany his daughter on her tours. He shares that it has been a fulfilling experience to travel with his daughter and be a part of her journey. From organizing meet-and-greets with fans to managing logistics and overseeing the merchandise sales, Audrey’s parents have taken on various roles on the road. Audrey’s mother also helps with her hair and makeup for performances, making it a truly family affair.

The Benefits of Hiring Family Members

While hiring family members as tour managers may seem like a risky move, it has worked wonders for Audrey and her team. The biggest advantage is the level of trust and comfort that comes with having loved ones on the road. As Audrey’s father puts it, “We know Audrey inside out. We know what she needs, what she likes, what she doesn’t like. We can anticipate her needs before she even asks for them.”

Another benefit is the cost-saving aspect. Hiring a professional tour manager can be a significant expense for an up-and-coming artist. By hiring her parents, Audrey can save on those costs and invest more in other areas such as production and marketing.

The Road Ahead

Audrey Mika’s decision to hire her parents as tour managers may be unconventional, but it has undoubtedly paid off. With a loyal support system by her side, Audrey can focus on what she does best – making music and performing on stage. Her unique move may even pave the way for other artists to consider hiring family members for their tours. As Audrey’s father sums it up, “It’s been a great experience for all of us. We’re learning, growing, and having a lot of fun together.”

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