Fun Spot America Guide – Florida’s Best Kept Secret

We don’t know about you, but as magical as it is to soar through the air on the back of a banshee at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, chase after the Golden Snitch at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter or high-five a stingray at SeaWorld Orlando, it’s nice to enjoy the simpler thrills of Fun Spot America every now and again.  

With two different locations in and around The City Beautiful, great rides for kids and adults alike and MUCH cheaper tickets, Fun Spot Orlando & Kissimmee can be convenient, affordable and awesomely offbeat additions to your next family vacation. 

So, don’t only get sucked into the Orlando Tourist Triangle. Follow us off the well-trodden tourist path (just keep an eye out for gators) as break down everything you need to know about these not-so-hidden gems in the heart of International Drive and Old Town Kissimmee.

Read-on for some great insider tips, ways to save and must-do attractions. Our discounted tickets section is one of the best-kept secrets about the park!

Visiting Fun Spot in Orlando & Kissimmee

Not-so-hidden gems, you say? That’s right. While Fun Spot may not make most tourists’ lists of their top five things to do in Central Florida (or heck, maybe even their top ten), that certainly isn’t the case with locals. 

Building with Fun Spot signage

No, Orlandoans (Orlandonians?) know that if you’re looking to spend a fun day with family and friends going on rides, but without all the crowds and steep ticket prices, there’s no better place than the Fun Spot America theme parks. 

Getting to Fun Spot Florida

As we mentioned earlier, there are not one but two locations in and around Orlando: Fun Spot Kissimmee and Fun Spot Orlando. 

Fun Spot Kissimmee

Fun Spot Kissimmee is less than ten minutes from Disney World and right down the street from Celebration, the town that Disney built, making it a convenient escape from the crowds. It’s also part of Old Town, a gloriously touristy detour with tacky souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, live music and even a classic car show on Saturday nights.  

Coming from Epcot or the Disney Springs area? Take Epcot Center Drive towards the start of International Drive. Staying near Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Hop on Osceola Parkway and make your way just off Highway 192 to 2850 Florida Plaza Boulevard. 

Fun Spot Orlando

Located at the other end of International Drive, past the barrage of tourist trap attractions like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and a parade of souvenir shops, Fun Spot Orlando sits opposite Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on the other side of I-4. 

A little over a five-minute drive away, it’s an easy addition if you get tired of hanging out with Harry, Ron, Hermione and the gang and have a few extra days. Taking the interstate? Exit at either Kirkman Road or Sand Lake Road and head towards 5700 Fun Spot Way. 

Parking at Fun Spot

Theme park with roller coasters and lake

Fun Spot doesn’t have monorails or buses to ferry people around. So, unless you and your crew are planning on taking an Uber or Lyft to Fun Spot, chances are you’re going to need to park a vehicle or two. Fortunately, unlike its pricier compatriots (are you seeing a pattern here?), parking at Fun Spot is blissfully free

Kissimmee & Orlando Fun Spot Hours

For the most part, Fun Spot’s opening hours are pretty consistent no matter which location you visit. For both the Kissimmee and Orlando theme parks, Fun Spot hours are usually from 10 AM to 12 AM. However, there are some days when the parks open at 2 PM instead, so be sure to double-check when planning your visit. 

Fun Spot Tickets, Season Passes & Pay-As-You-Go Pricing 

You accept the love you think you deserve. And for us, love means a day full of theme park fun for the price of $64.95 (plus tax!) or less. Fun Spot America Kissimmee and Orlando have that and more. (Or rather, less? We digress. Either way, it’s worth it.)

Now that we have your attention, here are your options for one of Orlando’s most affordable theme parks, from the cheap-and-cheerful Pay-As-You-Go Fun E-Card to the ultimate 3-Park Season Pass (keep in mind that pricing is the same whether you go to Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee):

Single Day Pass Fun Spot Prices

Only visiting for the day? Then a Fun Spot Single Day Pass is for you. 

Reasonably priced at $54.95 ($58.52 with tax), a Single Day Fun Pass includes unlimited access to the go-karts, roller coasters and other thrill rides, Kids Spot attractions, Gator Spot and the Splash Pad, as well as one complimentary Chauffeur Pass. Looking for even more thrills? Go for the Single Day MEGA Fun Pass for $64.95 ($69.17 including tax) instead and get the same unlimited access plus one ride on the park’s SkyCoaster. 

2022 Fun Spot Season Pass

Want to go to Fun Spot as much as you want all year long for the about the same price as one day at Disney World – and not just the Orlando and Kissimmee locations, but Fun Spot Atlanta too? Then consider getting a 2022 3-Park Season Pass for only $109.95 ($117.10 with tax). 

For the cost of about two Fun Spot Orlando tickets, you get to enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to Fun Spot America in Orlando, Kissimmee and Atlanta without blackout dates
  • A free Chauffeur Pass
  • Exclusive Season Passholder Parking (based on availability)
  • Four free guest passes – One each during the months of January, May and September, as well as one on your birthday
  • 20% off on food and beverage purchases

Fun Spot Discounted Tickets

We know what you’re thinking. Discounted Fun Spot tickets? But it’s already so cheap! Sure, a day at Fun Spot is already pretty reasonably priced, but why not go crazy and make it even more affordable with some discounted tickets. 

That’s where Undercover Tourist, our trusted ticket partner, comes in. Whether it’s discount Disney World tickets or a deal on a SeaWorld Orlando Fun Card, you can count on Undercover Tourist to save you some cash. While the savings isn’t as big as at those other pricier parks (about $10 per ticket), the same thing goes for the Fun Spot America theme parks. 

Best of all, Undercover Tourist doesn’t just have the same great unlimited wristband at an even better, all-taxes-and-fees-included price. They also offer the Orlando Explorer Pass by Go City, perfect for if you’re spending several days in the area. Along with four rides at either the Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee locations, use it to experience your pick of popular activities and attractions like Madame Tussauds or an Everglades airboat tour. 

Coaster with guests flying through the air

Fun Spot America discount ticket deals (including tax and fees) currently being offered by our partner include:

  • Fun Spot America Unlimited Armband – $48.94 
  • Orlando Explorer Pass by Go City – 2 Choice Pass – $48.82 for adults, $40.68 for kids ages 3-12
  • Orlando Explorer Pass by Go City – 3 Choice Pass – $62.38 for adults, $53.34 for kids 
  • Orlando Explorer Pass by Go City – 4 Choice Pass – $79.03 for adults, $67.49 for kids 
  • Orlando Explorer Pass by Go City – 5 Choice Pass – $91.52 for adults, $80.08 for kids
  • Orlando All-Inclusive Pass by Go City – 2 Day Pass – $129.81 for adults, $119.09 for kids
  • Orlando All-Inclusive Pass by Go City – 3 Day Pass – $179.90 for adults, $164.68 for kids
  • Orlando All-Inclusive Pass by Go City – 5 Day Pass – $245.33 for adults, $214.14 for kids

Pay-As-You-Go Fun Spot Prices

Don’t think you’ll go on enough rides to make a Single Day Pass worth it? No worries! Just get a Fun E-Card instead. 

This convenient pay-as-you-go option is rechargeable, making it easy to keep the good times going. However, keep in mind that at rates like $5 or $10 per ride, things can really start to add up quick if you aren’t careful. 

Fun Spot Rides

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly there is to do at Fun Spot. Orlando, Florida’s most nostalgic attraction is more amusement park than theme park and lacks the intricate design and impressive technology of the likes of Disney and Universal. 

However, that certainly doesn’t make this understated destination any less fun. With a collection of iconic carnival rides like the Ferris Wheel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Scramblur, Carousel and Bumper Kars (and Boats), along with some more pint-sized attractions, both kids and kids-at-heart are sure to be entertained. 

Next-level go-karting keep the wholesome thrills coming with some multi-level tracks geared towards a variety of skill levels, as well as flat sprint track for speedsters. But not too fast – all Fun Spot go-karts are equipped with a speed control function for safety. 

Instead, if you have a need for speed, you’ll want to try the parks’ many thrill rides. From Orlando’s only wooden coasters to the extreme Fun Spot SkyCoasters – the tallest in the world at 250 and 300 feet – there’s no shortage of edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding fun for all the thrifty adrenaline junkies out there. 

Top 8 Reasons to Go to Fun Spot America

Still on the fence about visiting this low-key amusement park? TL;DR – here are some of the reasons we like going to this pixie-dust palate cleanser:

1. It’s affordable!

Where else in Orlando can you go on rides all day long for around $50 (or less!)? We rest our case. More on those cheap Fun Spot Orlando tickets in a bit. 

2. There’s all the fun and thrills without the frills.

Don’t expect the same elaborate theming or cutting-edge technology as Fun Spot’s more touristy neighbors. However, what it lacks in bells and whistles, it more than makes up for with a darn good time. 

While considered a theme park, this laidback destination is more like a perpetual carnival on steroids. So, rather than an immersive atmosphere with over-the-top design and next-level tech, you’ll find a collection of rides the whole family will enjoy – from classics like the Tilt-A-Whirl and Bumper Kars to adrenaline-pumping attractions such as go-karts and the world’s tallest SkyCoasters. 

3. It’s clean! 

Disney World may be known for its sparkling theme parks and never-overflowing trashcans, but you don’t need to spend over $100 a day to enjoy a day of good, clean fun. Fun Spot keeps things just as spick and span, which we especially appreciate during these Covid-19 times. 

4. There are way fewer crowds! 

What about the elbow-to-elbow crowds you’ll find at Fun Spot’s bigger competitors? Well, they’re still stuck in line trying to get on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Unlike its more touristy counterparts, you won’t need to worry about waiting for an hour or more just to do a ride. In fact, since most rides tend to have little-to-no wait time, you can even hop right back on and go all over again. Paid line-skipping with Disney Genie+? We don’t know her. 

5. It’s open late. 

You know when your local carnival comes to town? At night, the midway comes alive with a riot of twinkling lights, while music blasting from rides’ speakers as you walk past sets the soundtrack. It may not be Harry Potter World, but it’s still downright magical.  

Fun Spot is like that all year round, with both the Orlando and Kissimmee locations open until midnight. So, whether you’re arriving later in the day and still want to do something without spending a ton of money or you’re looking for a playful Orlando date night idea, Fun Spot is it. 

6. It’s free to visit on your birthday!

Yup, if it’s your birthday, you can ride for free if you want to – as long as you have proof, such as a valid driver’s license or a copy of your birth certificate – at Fun Spot America Orlando and Kissimmee. And be sure to bring a friend because they’re getting in for free too. Happy birthday to you, indeed. 

 7. You only pay if you ride. 

Why pay out the wazoo for the likes of Disney World or Universal Orlando if you’re only going to spectate? At Fun Spot, you don’t have to! While it will cost you to go on rides, park admission is free – and that includes your baby, too.

What if you’ll only be going on rides that require an 18-and-up guardian for children under 54 inches? As long as your kiddo has either a Single Day MEGA Fun Pass or a basic Single Day Fun Pass, then you still get to ride for free. Otherwise, just get the incredibly affordable Chauffeur Pass for only $9.95 plus tax. 

8. There are go-karts!

What’s one thing that Fun Spot has that Disney World and Universal Orlando don’t? Go-karts – and no, Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway doesn’t count. Enough said. 

Have you been to the Fun Spot of America? Which theme park is your favorite: Kissimmee or Orlando? What rides can’t you get enough of? Let us know in the comments! Then, find out how you can save on FunSpot tickets and other family-friendly destinations. 

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