When Travel + Leisure readers throw their collective weight behind an opinion, it tends to create a ripple effect — especially when it comes to the results of the World’s Best Awards. In declaring the best cities in the world, they consider hotels, Michelin-rated restaurants, rich cultural heritage, top attractions and, in recent years, COVID-19 protocols. The votes are then counted, numbers crunched, and we arrive at a score for each city — and, ultimately,


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Major League Baseball opened on April 7, 2022, after a 99-day owner-initiated lockout that was the second-longest strike in the games history after the 232 players’ strike in 1994 – 1995. For fans, it was a day to celebrate at


These days, Americans have a lot to be stressed out about. While coronavirus case numbers are falling globally, the World Health Organization says it is too early to declare the pandemic over. And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a refugee crisis and roiled markets — with U.S. and European officials predicting the conflict will only worsen.

While the cities Americans live in should give them solace, it turns out that some places might