“Park in a pocket” is a gamechanger says holiday parks group

Holiday parks are becoming increasingly popular among travelers, but they often come with limitations like size and location. However, a new concept called “Park in a Pocket” is changing the game for holiday park enthusiasts, and the industry is taking note.

What is “Park in a Pocket”?

Park in a Pocket is a concept that allows holiday parks to be constructed on a smaller scale, with a much smaller footprint. These miniature holiday parks can be installed in urban areas, making it easier for city-dwellers to access a holiday experience without having to travel too far from home.

According to holiday parks group, Park Leisure, the concept is a gamechanger for the industry, with the potential to revolutionize the way holiday parks are built and operated.

The Benefits of “Park in a Pocket”

The advantages of “Park in a Pocket” are clear. For one, it’s a more sustainable model, using less land and resources to create a holiday experience. Additionally, it allows holiday park operators to offer unique experiences that are tailored to specific urban environments.

The concept is also flexible, allowing for easy expansion or contraction depending on demand. This is a huge advantage over traditional holiday parks, which require a large amount of land and infrastructure to operate.

The Future of Holiday Parks

As urbanization continues to increase, holiday parks will need to adapt to meet the needs of city-dwellers. “Park in a Pocket” is one solution that could change the face of the industry.

Park Leisure’s CEO, Miles Dewhurst, believes that the concept will become more popular in the coming years, stating: “We believe that the future of the holiday park industry lies in developments that can be scaled up or down depending on demand, and ‘Park in a Pocket’ is the perfect solution for this.”

In conclusion, “Park in a Pocket” is an exciting development for the holiday park industry, and one that has the potential to change the way we think about holiday experiences. By providing a sustainable and flexible solution, holiday parks can continue to thrive in urban environments while offering unique and unforgettable experiences to travelers.

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