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    Costa del Sol: The hidden side of Spain’s package holiday hotspot

    (CNN) — It’s Spain’s Mediterranean escape, a place that for decades has been the go-to spot for jet setters, party lovers and package vacationers keen to let their hair down and enjoy sun, sea and sand in abundance. Yet as in so many famous tourist destinations across Europe, the Costa del Sol has suffered greatly over the past 18 months, with tourist numbers slumping due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now though, as restrictions on travel ease, this brash and beautiful part of southern Spain is enjoying a much-needed resurgence. Something the owners of bars, hotels and restaurants are delighted about. 

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    The Best Airbnbs Outside of L.A.

    Last updated:September 10, 2021 From desert ranches to coastal retreats, check out these vacation rentals for your next local getaway. If the pandemic sparked within you a desire to hit the somewhat open roads, you’re not alone. But what are the nation’s top doctors saying? Well, basically, keep out of COVID-19’s way and stay home. But if that’s simply not an option, Golden State officials ask that you remember California’s travel mantra — R-E-S-P-E-C-T — as you enjoy its hotels, wineries, restaurants and other tourist destinations. Vacationing in COVID times requires much more than an ounce of preparation  

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    Digital detox: These are the best places in the world to disconnect

    Technology is an almost unavoidable part of life in the 21st century. Between the draw of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and endless work emails, many of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at a screen. Studies have shown nearly 60 per cent of smartphone users check a social media platform five minutes before they go to bed and within 30 minutes of waking up. It’s no surprise then that many of us are now looking to break the internet habit by disconnecting when we travel. So much so that the search term “digital detox” is ten times  

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    The 8 Best Places to Picnic in Paris

    Photo credit: Sophie Dodd The art of the pique-nique is one best mastered in Paris, where good bread, cheese and wine linger around every corner. Parks and gardens pocket the city every few blocks, making it easy to set up a spread while your baguette is still warm. While tourists have staked their claim on Montmartre, the Champs de Mars and other guidebook go-tos, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path places where locals lounge on their lunch breaks or for apéro in the evenings; read on for some of our tried-and-true favorite picnic spots in Paris.  Square du Vert-Galant Photo credit:  

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    Best family vacation hotels of 2021

    CNN —   The past 18 months have kept many of us apart — 6 feet at a minimum, to be exact. But when it comes to our immediate families, we’ve seen plenty of them — up close and perhaps a little too personal. But the pandemic isn’t over, so if you’re considering traveling again this year, chances are you’ll want to stay somewhere where everyone in your pod can spread out and perhaps even do their own thing from time to time. After all, a change of scenery is good for the mind and the soul, but doing it with  

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    Over-Hyped Attractions Around The World

    Traveling is all about trial and error. Sometimes you have an amazing experience, and other times — well…you get sucked into a giant tourist trap, and you live and you learn. Two Brothers Pictures So redditor u/superlemondaze asked, “What’s a tourist attraction you’ve been to that was 100% not worth the hype?” Turns out, people had a lot of opinions. Here are some of the responses. Oh and fair warning, you’re probably going to have some strong opinions.  1. Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony (Verona, Italy) Walter Bibikow / Getty Images “Most tourists believe that this balcony inspired Shakespeare’s play.  

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    Margan Top: a promising tourist spot

    On way to Mati Gawran to Margan Top one has to cross two beautiful places namely; ‘Lehenwan’ and ‘Nawkan’ located in lush green coniferous forests with gushing waters of beautiful streams, the waters of ‘Chavenz Nahla’ invites the passing visitor to have a sip of its cold water. The colourful flowers of Potentillas is another attraction. Margan Top lies at an altitude of 3750 meters above sea level with latitude 33º49’411” N and longitude of 75º29’097”E. The valley of Margan is an alpine zone with lush green meadows and rich biodiversity. The entry point of Margan  

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