Looking for a perfect, durable, do-all duffel that offers versatility in both packing and ways to carry? The Db Duplex Duffle may be it.

Db is a Norwegian brand founded by a skier-turned-influencer. The brand used to make only ski bags and boot bags but recently expanded its repertoire. It now makes camera bags, briefcases, and duffels — lots of duffels.



Which shoulder bag for travel is best?

Whether you lead a jet-setting lifestyle or you only travel on occasion, having the right bags ready to go will save you the hassle of figuring out your luggage before you head on a trip. Finding the best shoulder bag for travel will prepare you for all of your travels, near or far. 

You should consider what size shoulder bag you need and make sure it’s convenient to


Your car seat gets your child safely from point A to point B, but you also need something to get that car seat safely to its destination when it’s not in use. That’s where the car seat travel bag comes in.

While airlines do not require you to put a travel bag over your car seat when checking it, using one is the best way to minimize damage to your car seat. Remember that busy


Which car seat travel bags are best? 

Traveling with a child can come with some stressful moments if you are not prepared. One thing you might not think about while packing is how you will transport the car seat. Different modes of transportation have different rules, but regardless, a travel bag will protect your car seat from damage and make it easier to carry on the go. A good car seat travel bag will have


Incase Travel Pack HeroSource: Karen S. Freeman / iMore

Looking for a great laptop bag, particularly for travel, that holds up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro? Incase’s ARC collection includes this nicely-sized travel bag that protects and carries your MacBook and much more. “ARC” stands for “A Responsible Carry,” as the entire lineup is crafted from recycled polyester. The ARC collection uses RFID-blocking material, and it fights bacterial growth.

The Incase Travel Pack has a ton of compartments,


Having a small bag filled with all the tech accessories, such as cables, chargers and adapters, you need is an essential life hack. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing exactly where all your gadget pieces reside and keeping them easily accessible.

I’ve covered different tech pouches extensively in the past and love the idea of crafting the perfect accessory bag. The ultimate goal is to come away with a small bag that you can grab at