It’s a fact the travel industry is now geared toward big spenders. After three years of closure, some of the hardest-hit countries want to cash in as much as possible by openly discouraging budget travelers from visiting, but there are eight in particular that have remained faithful to their lower-tiered guests, where traveling is still affordable going into 2023.

The Top 8 Most Affordable Destinations For 2023

Yes, we are at a different stage of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean international travel


Traveling on a budget in Norway may prove challenging for most solo travelers. The Nordic nations offer unique experiences to any traveler. The weather may not be the best, but the landmarks and different phenomena make up for a worthwhile trip.

Fortunately, there are various budget-friendly accommodation options for travelers. These options range from hotels to lighthouses. Here are the affordable options travelers should consider when traveling to Norway.

10 Rica Hotels

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