Nevada offers much more than Vegas and gambling for a tourist

BLUE DIAMOND, Nev. — The Nevada landscape offers such a fetching and beguiling contrast. You can wake up in the morning in one of the casino hotels and survey the sunrise glistening off the desert rock and cactus and the concrete mass that is Las Vegas; swoon to the verdant inner-city acreage, with a handsome waterfall, that is the Wynn Golf Club — all of which brings about a rock, sand and green medley that overwhelms.

You can take excursions that stir the imagination and lift the spirits — options from helicoptering to a sit-down by the Colorado River on the floor of the Grand Canyon. Haven’t been there and done that, but is it ever something to think about?

You can take the scenic tour out into Red Rock Canyon where a museum video and brochure explain the stunning mountains of the area date back 600 million years and once was covered by the sea. 

It is fascinating to photograph the red-and-orange rock formations which have come about as a result of the oxidation of minerals over millions of years. You also may spot a red-tailed hawk in a Joshua tree, a desert bighorn sheep along the sandstone bluffs and can easily see how the spines of the cholla cactus keep one and all at arms-length.

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