In the epidemic era, how does the performance of this travel company

In 2020, China’s tourism industry has been affected by the covid-19 epidemic. The hotel industry, aviation industry, travel agencies, and OTA platforms have all suffered damages to varying degrees. For example, the sales revenue of China’s largest online travel platform,, has dropped nearly half of its total sales in 2020, with a total loss of 5 million US dollar, of which hotel accommodation revenue has fallen by nearly 50%, which reflects the overall damage to China’s tourism industry from one side.

However, a hotel vacation APP platform called “ZhouMo Hotels” (ZhouMo means weekend in Chinese) increased its sales in 2020 and achieved an increase of nearly 50% compared to before the epidemic. This has raised curiosity and discussion in the industry.

Tracy Cui, the founder and CEO of “ZhouMo Hotels APP”, told us that business trips, homecoming and other trips in China had drastically reduced during the epidemic, but consumer demand for vacations, especially family vacations around the city, still existed. Right after the ban on travel was lifted, people all went out to take a break, especially the middle-class consumers who were the core customers of Zhoumo Hotes. Along with the prosperity of social media on which Zhoumo Hotels was active and contributed a large mount of content, more and more people bought the innovative vacation package products.

Who is ZhouMo Hotels?

ZhouMo Hotels is a “hotel vacation platform built on social e-commerce.” The ZhouMo Hotels APP was developed by Shanghai Shanglv Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is a vacation hotels booking platform used by 5 million families in China. It focuses on “good hotels with special prices” and cost-effective products. The company has 80 experienced hotel experts visiting the hotels. Based on more than 300 pieces of criteria developed exclusively, 3,000 domestic resort hotels (all 4 or 5 stars and above) are carefully selected for families and vacationers to choose. It also promises friendly refund-any-time policies and obtained trust among the customers.

The products of “ZhouMo Hotels” are different from other platforms: Firstly, it features “hotel accommodation added (catering, activities, tickets, etc.)” vacation packages, allowing consumers to enjoy not only accommodation in good quality hotels, but also rich services such as leisure activities, gourmet dining, and sightseeing in 2 or 3 days. Secondly, limited-time sales. The platform and the hotels had reached a sales model of limited-time sales, quickly and accurately reached target customers through livestreaming, pictures, texts and short videos; Thirdly, innovative products. “ZhouMo Hotels” hotel experts and partner hotels jointly developed innovative package products such as packaging hotel rooms, catering, entertainment and parent-child play projects,so that customers enjoyed more fun and free-from-hassles vacation.

For example, in March 2020, ZhouMo Hotels worked with InterContinental Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Hotel (ie “Shenkeng Hotel”) to promote an all-inclusive package product (accommodation with three meals and afternoon tea), through in-store live stream. The promotion was great success and reached a sales amount of exceeding 2 million yuan, boosting great confidence during the epidemic era in Shanghai’s hotel industry. Another example is the newly opened Anji 1168 Star Astronomy Hotel. The hotel and ZhouMo Hotels team achieved 2500 room-nights in two hours in a WeChat and Douyin combined live stream show.

The new model of social e-commerce in tourism sparks interest in vacation consumption

The marketing of “ZhouMo Hotels” does not rely on traditional tourism sales channels, but distributes content and products through China’s thriving social media, including WeChat, Douyin, Video Account, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Toutiao, live stream, communities, and KOLs, etc. These platforms that were originally non-tourism e-commerce platforms have now become new channels for hotel vacation products.

“ZhouMo Hotels” is a powerful content platform. It has a group of professionals who plan, write, design, shoot, and live stream hotel products. The hotels are directly and clearly presented to the users by texts, rankings, live stream, short videos and other methods, and stimulate the “interest” in users minds.

At the beginning of the epidemic in March 2020, ZhouMo Hotels cooperated with Fosun’s Atlantis Hotel to cast the first live stream in Sanya. ZhouMo Hotels anchors went to Sanya for an all day live stream show, over 2 million were sold during the livestream.

In order to help the recovery of tourism in Sanya, in September 2020, ZhouMo Hotels launched the “Discovery Live Stream” of Accor’s four hotels in Sanya with a panoramic display of Accor’s Sofitel, Pullman, and Raffles brand hotels, and sold more than 10,000 room-nights.

The core competitiveness of “ZhouMo Hotels” is the 5 million family vacationers. The high-quality content of ZhouMo Hotels has triggered their yearning for novel and high-quality hotel vacations. The product resources, package products, and discounted prices of the ZhouMo Hotels exactly meet their needs for comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective family vacations.

The Hyatt Regency Shanghai Jiading, a business hotel located in a suburban area, launched a holiday package with ZhouMo Hotels post the epidemic. It also achieved great success as it well served the native families in Shanghai who could only stay in the city boundary, yet longed for getaway trips. More than 4,000 families booked in one year.

In general, despite the impact of the epidemic, with the development of China’s mobile Internet, increasing demand by middle class families for quality vacations, “ZhouMo Hotels” platform is a leading and innovative company that ride on the trend of e-commerce transformation from traditional search e-commerce to a new generation of interest e-commerce. Just like some users of “ZhouMo Hotels” told us: “The content of the ZhouMo Hotels can both “plant grass” (want to buy) in it and buy products in it. It’s much more convenient than searching on the Internet, and the package is more affordable. When I want to take a vacation and don’t have a destination in mind, the content provided by ZhouMo Hotels is very personalized and just inspires me.”

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