17 Fun Camping Games To Play On Your Next Family Trip

When it comes to family camping trips, people have one of these two experiences.

They either end up having a ton of fun or they find it one of the most boring things they have ever experienced.

The latter doesn’t sound so good, does it?

The key to a great family camping trip is prior preparation. And no we aren’t just talking about the camping gear or essential items.

We are talking about fun camping games.

Check out some of these fun camping games to make your next family trip less boring.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt in nature is the perfect way to get everyone in your family involved and have fun together.

One person can be chosen as the organizer and they must prepare a list of items which can be found in nature.

Group people into different teams and set a time limit for the hunt. The team which manages to find the most number of items in the list is the winner.

  1. Campfire Dance-Off

This is a silly game which will make everyone laugh out loud.

One by one each person will perform a silly or funny dance around the campfire. Everyone will vote on whose dance was the best and that person will be the winner.

  1. Alphabet Train

This is a fun game which will get everyone thinking.

One member of the family must say a word which is related to nature or camping. For example if the member says sleeping bag, then the next person must quickly say another word which starts with the last letter of the word, in this case g.

A maximum of ten seconds can be allowed for each person.

  1. Camping Olympics

In camping olympics, you can set up a variety of challenges and games which can be both physical and mental. It is a great way for the whole family to compete with each other.

For example you can hold a tent set up competition, where the person who sets up a camping tent the fastest wins.

Another great way to physically challenge everyone is to have a hiking competition. Whoever hikes to the top of the hill the fastest wins.

Let me give you a tip, make sure you don’t let anything weigh you down and this includes clothes! Try to wear lightweight pieces of clothing like hiking pants instead of jeans. You can find some of the best ones here.

  1. Noah’s Ark

This is an awesome game which is sure to test your memory to its limit.

One person will start by saying the number and kind of animals they are taking to the ark. For example, ‘I am taking two lions to Noah’s ark’.

The next person will repeat the first person’s statement and add the animals they want to take. This will continue till someone fails to memorize all the animals in the right order.

  1. I Spy With My Eyes

In this classic game, the person who is chosen as the spy will look around the area and select one item which they see.

It must be an item which cannot be easily spotted at the first glance. The other players will try to guess the item which the spy has selected.

  1. Glow In The Dark Ring Toss

This game is very suitable for nightime.

You can set up water bottles or cups and see who can toss the highest number of rings in them.

  1. Story Telling

This is a relaxed game which families can play while they sit around the campfire.

One person can start off with an introduction to a story. One by one, each person will continue the story and add creative and hilarious elements to it.

  1. Flashlight Tag

This is another game to play at nightime.

The catcher will take a flashlight and try to tag people with the light. If a player gets hit by the light, they get eliminated.

  1. Two Truths And A Lie

In this game, one person will make three statements out of which two are true and one is false.

The other players must try to guess which one is the false statement.

  1. Squirt Gun Game

For this game, you will need some squirt guns filled with water and some plastic or paper drinking cups.

Line the cups on a picnic table and take turns squirting the cups with water to knock them out.

The player who knocks out the most cups wins.

  1. Ping Pong

This is another game which you can play with cups.

Line the cups on a picnic table and fill them with water. Have the players stand on opposite sides of the table. Throw ping pong balls into the cups and get the balls to balance on the water without them rolling off.

The person who gets the most number of balls to balance in the cups wins.

  1. Simon Says

In this game, one person is chosen as Simon and they must give the other players a command.

If the command is preceded by Simon says, for example ‘Simon says clap your hands’, the players must clap their hands.

If the command is not preceded by Simon says, the action must not be performed otherwise the players will be eliminated.

  1. Shadow Puppets

A flashlight can be used to create the shadow of a player’s hands.

Take turns to see who can make the most innovative shadow puppets with their hands.

  1. Catch Or Don’t Catch

This game is similar to ‘Simon says’.

One person will be the commander and will stand at the centre of a ring formed by the other players. They will throw a ball to the player saying catch or don’t catch.

The players must do as told otherwise they will be eliminated.

  1. The Best Size Wins

In this game, the players will go on a hunt for the biggest or longest items.

For example if the chosen category is rocks, the player who finds the biggest rock wins.

  1. Guess the Cloud

In this game, all the players will observe the clouds in the sky.

One player will name a certain shape which resembles a cloud and the other players must try to guess which cloud this person is referring to.


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